Wholesale Lighting

As leading lighting importers, we supply over 100 lighting wholesalers in South Africa.

Quality Products

All of our products adhere to the strict IEC and NRCS standards to ensure that our products are of the utmost quality regardless of the product.

Are you a lighting wholesaler? Contact us to obtain great prices for exclusive products!

Get Your Products Delivered Nationally

We deliver thousands of products to wholesalers across South Africa every month. For orders of considerable sizes, you can get your stock delivered for free. For more information on, you can contact us.

Wholesalers Can Opt for Credit

We can offer you a 30 day credit option given that you are a pre-approved wholesaler. Alternatively, you can also pay using cash upon collecting your stock from our warehouse in Ballito, Kwa-Zulu Natal.

Sterling Products for Superlative Prices

All of our products exceed both local and international standards, guaranteeing you markedly meritorious merchandise, and we will outrival the prices of our competitors given that their product(s) is of the same quality and with similar specifications.

A Savvy Team to Conduct Invaluable Market Research

Our sales staff also manage our clients’ accounts, impementing their intricate understanding of ur merchandise to ensure clover. Utilising market research results, industry trends, and our clients’ feedback, we ensure that popular products are not only stocked but neoteric products are accoutered.